Strengthening Capitalism

This edited volume features analysis by leading experts on the challenges confronting American capitalism and potential policy responses.

Bringing Jobs to People

This policy memo by Timothy Bartik highlights how local economic development policies can be improved to better target distressed areas and promote long-run employment gains.

Promoting Economic Recovery

A taskforce report on policies to promote economic recovery after COVID-19, by Jason Furman, Timothy Geithner, Glenn Hubbard, and Melissa Kearney.

Faltering Urban Opportunity

Cities no longer provide the opportunity for non-college educated workers to advance into middle-class jobs. These trends are especially pronounced among black and Hispanic workers.


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Aspen Economic Strategy Group

The Economic Strategy Group (ESG), a non-profit program of the Aspen Institute, is composed of a diverse, bipartisan group of distinguished leaders and thinkers with the goal of promoting evidence-based solutions to significant U.S. economic challenges.

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